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Earlier this month adidas returned the iconic Predator Accelerator Electricity. Now they are ready to bring back the ‘OG’ colourway, that many associates the Predator with. It’s the Predator Accelerator 2018 remake of the 1998 boot.

You might all remember Zidane and Beckham running around in the 1998 in the solid adidas predator football boots. Zidane ended up securing the World Cup trophy against Brazil with the boots, making them even more iconic. Many of you have thought about this moment, and now it’s finally here. The remake of the ‘OG’ colourway is back, with a minor tech update!

The Adidas Predator Accelerator comes with the traditionally black-red-white colourway, which lies close to the similar styled Predator 18+ Team Mode. You get the same authentic and soft leather feeling as the ’98 boot, but with a new and improved ‘Sprintframe’ sole, which makes this classic ready for the modern game.

The adidas football boots with sock still comes with the well-known red trim and the swerved three stripes on the side, which takes your memories back to the good old days, where a football boot was a football boot. You will instantly, without a blink, recognize the Predator look. The upper of the Adidas Predator Accelerator is made from K-leather, and the iconic fold-over tongue is also made on the 2018 remake. Furthermore, adidas has also chosen to bring the padded upper, which helps you to hit the ball precisely like Beckham and Zidane did back in the days.

Fancy yourself a pair of the 2018 Remake of the ‘OG’ Predator football boots? Then get yours at from today!

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